Realty House - Responsive RealEstate template - HTML Version - V1.0

Documented by QodeArk - at 2016-03-19

A) Getting Started

To use the Realty House - HTML version template, after downloading the package from ThemeForest, you just need to extract the files into your Host or Localhost. (By clicking on every HTML files you will be see template on the browsers But we recommended that before checking template, extract it)

B) Package Content

The downloaded package contains some files and folders that are listed as below:
  • HTML Files : These files contain HTML codes that you can view them on browsers by clicking on them. Except the Home page files the other HTML files are located in the "Pages" folder.
  • Assets Folder : This folder contains all the external files that are used in HTML files like JS, CSS and Images files.
    • CSS Folder : It contains the css file of the template.
    • Fonts: it contains the main files of FontIcons which is used in template "FontAwesome", "Glyphicons" and some customized font icons which is called "realty-house" and we used it in some pages of theme.
    • IMG Folder : This folders contains all the images which are used in all pages. All the images are categorized based on the pages in which are used.
    • JS Folder : It contains all the js files which are used in template. Some of these files are the collection of the other ons, we did it because of decreasing of HTTP request on your website. On the hands we put the separated js files in our package, so it's up to you to use which ones.
      Here is the list of these files:
      • form-requirements.js : It contains select2.min.js and ion.rangeSlider.min.js
      • googlemap-requirement.js : It contains infobox_packed.js, markerclusterer_packed.js and richmarker-compiled.js
      • isotop.imgloaded.popup.pkgd.min.js : It contains isotope.pkgd.min.js, jquery.magnific-popup.min.js and imagesloaded.pkgd.min.js
  • PHP File : We put an empty php (uploader.php) file in our package which is used for js uploaded we used in submit property page. So please Do NOT remove it from package and add your php codes for uploading the images in it.

D) Customization

First of all for customizing template you need to have knowledge about HTML/ CSS and JS, so if you don't have any information about them don't try to customize it. By the way we explain all the sections and how to use them in your projects.

Common Sections:

Head Tag: As you can see in the below screenshot head tag contains some of meta tags which are used for SEO purpose. Some of the other tags like title and link must be located in this tag. Head Tag

Header: Header contains the "Logo", Main Menu and the Submit Property button that you can change them easily by replacing the text, URL and you can remove unnecessary menu item based on your needs.

Note: In this sections we have a section which are highlighted in the below screenshot, it is the menu container that we used it in responsive views, so please do not remove theme unless you know what to do :)


Top Footer: We used some sections including the brand section and the twitter news ticker in this section that you can remove any of these sections in pages. Top Footer

Footer: The footer section is separated in 2 internal section, Top Section and Bottom Section. In top section of footer which is called Widget Area we added 4 predefined widgets in this section. New Properties, Featured Properties, Latest Posts and About us / Follow us widgets are 4 widgets that we added for this section.

Bottom section of Footer contains copy right of website that we added in this section for your future uses. Footer

Js Section: For speeding up the template's loading time we added all the js files at the bottom of codes (before the end of body tag), so if you want to add your js files and codes, put them in this section. Footer

F) Credits

We want to thank people and website whose works has helped us to make this template. Thank you so much!

G) Support

If you have any questions that you can't find your answer in this documentation, feel free to contact us via Email, ThemeForest user profile or the support tab of theme.